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The McGill Software Evolution Research Group (SWEVO)

SWEVO members, McConnell Engineering Building, April 2012

The Software Evolution Research Group is headed by Prof. Martin Robillard. Members of the group conduct research projects to understand, model, and help control the complexity of modifying large software systems over long periods of time.

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SWEVO Members

Prof. Martin Robillard

My research focuses on analysis, modeling, and code transformation techniques to decrease the cost of software evolution, typically by reducing the knowledge and effort required of software developers involved in change tasks.

Annie Ying (Ph.D. Student)

This is my third year at McGill, having previously worked at IBM Watson. I am interested in interfaces of development environment. I have previously worked in mining software repositories, recommendation systems for software engineering, and software development governance.

Please find more information from my personal webpage:

Gias Uddin (Ph.D. Student)

Research interests: Recommender systems and API usage.

Senjuti Kundu (M.Sc Student)

I am a first-year Masters student at McGill, having previously studied at the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad. I am interested in recommender systems and Natural Language Processing and Generation.

My personal webpage:

Inderjot Kaur Ratol (M.Sc Student)

I am a first-year Masters student at McGill. I have previously worked at Infosys Ltd. as a Systems Engineer. I am interested in Recommendation Systems, Code transformation techniques and Natural Language Processing and Generation.

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